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Saint Clair Shores Refrigerator Repair
For most families, trying to go without a refrigerator, even just for a day, is like going camping—relying on ice and coolers. Fun for a short time, then just impractical. But a broken refrigerator is more than a hassle; it’s a health risk. Poor refrigeration supports the growth of bacteria that can cause food-borne illnesses. Some of these illnesses not only make you sick, they can kill you!
Saint Clair Shores Freezer Repair
What would your family do without the freezer? It holds tomorrow’s meals (and maybe leftovers from yesterday’s as well), frozen treats to enjoy in summer, summer fruits and vegetables to enjoy next winter...plus, of course, ice for your drinks. Make sure that if your freezer starts causing problems or stops working altogether, you get it fixed it fast and you get it fixed left.
Saint Clair Shores Washer Repair
Once you get your first washer and dryer, it’s hard to imagine how you ever lived without them. Then you really appreciate a washer when you start a family (if you’ve ever had a baby, you understand). Having a washer in your home or apartment is a tremendous convenience. It also can provide tremendous long-term cost savings over the alternative: going to the laundromat week after week after week. That’s why it’s so frustrating when your washer is broker. And a broken washer is potentially a messy problem too.
Saint Clair Shores Dryer Repair
A dryer is one of the most relied-upon appliances in your home. Think how often you rely on it to produce warm, dry clothes and linens. Now try to imagine more than a day or two without it, especially if you live in a place where it just isn’t practical to «hang the clothes out to dry.» A broken dryer is a real problem: a problem of cleanliness, of comfort...and of the safety of you and your family (a broken dryer can be a fire hazard!).
Saint Clair Shores Dish Washer Repair
A dishwasher can be a cost-effective, water-saving, time saving solution in today’s modern kitchen. (And, of course, it sure beats washing dishes by hand!) A dishwasher can also promote good health by ensuring that plates, glasses, cups, pots, pans, and utensils, get a more thorough washing and drying under higher temperatures than you could do by hand. This results in cleaner dish ware. It also results in lower risk of transmitting food-borne bacteria. Better hygiene. Better health. And, of course, greater convenience...
Saint Clair Shores Garbage Disposal Repair
If you want to have a waste disposal unit mounted and you’re within the Saint Clair Shores, MI and outlying suburb areas, 1st Choice Appliance Repair is available to help you with the services that are required. 1st Choice Appliance Repair is available to mount your new waste disposal unit if you’re located within the Saint Clair Shores and surrounding Michigan area.
Saint Clair Shores Stove Repair
Stove top need fixing? Don’t delay. Get it done today. Without a fully functional stove, you can’t boil, can’t fry, can’t steam. A microwave is great. But a cook top is still indispensable. Plus, a broken stove can be both a health hazard and a safety hazard. Get your stove fixed. Then get cooking!
Saint Clair Shores Ice Maker Repair
Ice makers are great to have, especially on hot summer days when you need a cool drink. But just like summer, ice makers don’t last forever. They’re prone to breaking down periodically and, oftentimes, need to be replaced before your refrigerator.